Give Yourself Love Too

Love is in the air, and what better way to enjoy it than by giving Love—to ourselves too. 

Here are some ways to show yourself a good time...

You+You Date Idea:
  • Start the day outdoors. Take a moment to listen to and feel the simplicity of nature. Let your worries go.
  • Move. Whether it's a stretch, a walk, or a good workout, connect with your body and feel the awesomeness of life.
  • Do what you Love. Do you love cooking? Listening to live music? Curling up to a good book? Do an activity that brings you joy and feel happy.
  • Treat Yourself. Is there something on your wish-list that you've wanted for a while? Maybe it's a massage, a cheesecake, a whale watching cruise... Indulge and feel you're worth it!
  • Write Gratitude. Making gratitude-writing a habit is a great way to train our minds to see life with a more positive perspective .

    For a treat-yourself, enjoy Milk Forest's latest creation: Love Box