Nice to meet You! 
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 I'm Jasmine, the artisan / natural perfumer behind Milk Forest. Thank you for visiting. 
When making products for Milk Forest my goal is to connect us with nature, wonder, and inspired life. I aim to create natural perfume that evokes the essence of its natural origins and transports us there in spirit. And I aim to create beauty/wellness products based on the healing properties of their natural ingredients. 
To stay in line with that vision, I take great care in sourcing the highest quality botanicals from sustainable places. I use natural carrier oils and make products in small batches with no synthetics, preservatives, or chemicals. From the natural and organic source materials to the recycled and biodegradable shipping products, I do my best to honor nature by using earth-animal friendly, sustainable materials whenever possible. 
My background includes certifications in Aromatherapy, Thai Medicinal Herbs, and The Healing Arts, as well as degrees in Film and Literature. I work from my home studio in sunny Venice, California.
The idea of Milk Forest was birthed from love. It all began at my wedding. During the planning phase, my husband and I dedicated the most time to thank you gifts. We wanted our guests to feel how grateful we were that they took the time and energy to witness our union. So to show our gratitude, we gave them handcrafted soy candles, love notes, citrine packages, custom perfume, mini art, wish bracelets... It brought us so much joy to make and give these gifts, and the response from our community was so positive, that I decided to extend the reach of giving and create Milk Forest. 
I hope these products give you joy too.
Made with love,