From Nature, With Love


Dear Visitor,

What I love about scent is that it can transport us—to a moment in time, to a place we’ve visited, or to one we’ve dreamt of. A forest at dawn, the desert after the rain, a timeless sanctuary…

Perfume evokes the essence of natural wonders, nostalgic places, and the spirit of an elsewhere that can be with us anywhere. That is the philosophy behind Milk Forest. It's a perfume for the poet, the explorer, the mystic, and wonderer. Milk Forest inspires those moments of pure peace and awe when we're connected to nature and feel nurtured by life.

To preserve those natural places we love, Milk Forest uses 100% natural ingredients sourced from sustainable places. From the eco-friendly packaging to the intention behind every handcrafted batch, Milk Forest puts its ethics in its practice every step of the way. 

Thank you for visiting.

Natural Perfumer

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